The Wine School


Transformative wine education. Removing the pretension, make it accessible for all levels, from professionals to amateurs, designed to satisfy any level of interest.

I currently hold the WSET Diploma, the highest level of WSET certification and the requirement to apply to the Master of Wine program, my next goal.

As co-founder, partner and lead educator, my approach to teaching is that it is an outcome, an extension of the work I do with winemakers and vineyards: I teach what I do, not from a book. I have thus created our courses, tastings and programs based on a combination of WSET materials as well as material drawn from my operational vineyard and marketing experiences in order to uniquely educate professionals and consumers alike. Few wine schools can say as much!

Our school offers a range of qualifying WSET courses as well as thematic tastings which attract students and visitors from all corners of the world (see testimonials). In practice I remove the pretension and strive to make the knowledge accessible to everyone. All of our programs are offered in both French and English.


Our curriculum covers a range of topics from the most basic to the most complex. Wine is a passion and a never-ending journey, and I enjoy sharing mine with those curious to learn more.

Bespoke tastings as well as vineyard visits and group events can be organized. Please contact us for further information.

Wine Tasting, Sensorial Development and Tasting Technique

As an Educator it is critical to be able to work with students to develop these skills. I taste on the order of 2500-3000 or more wines per year, through activities ranging from my vineyard responsibilities, regular visits to other vineyard areas, professional tastings as well as those run by industry groups year-long. Intensive regional tastings (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, but also tastings in Italy and further afield) round out my regular tasting opportunities.

Wine Tasting

I select all of the wines used in our courses, which necessarily involves regular tastings/evaluations with suppliers and winemakers to ensure we are using wines best suited to students’ needs. This affords me the opportunity of tasting wines from around the world quite regularly, often with the winemakers and always in a professional context.

*In 2018 researchers at the Oxford University published a study on the science of tasting wine blind: it can be found here

I went to Daniel’s WSET level 2 class in 2015. During the training, he impressed me with his knowledge of wine tasting and his passion of terroir. He is very pedagogue and explained the techniques of fabricating fine wines very well. He owns and runs a vineyard in the region of Loire Valley. Due to the confidence in his expertise in terroir and winemaking, of course accumulated through the training program, I personally invited him to do a technique audit of a vineyard in Bordeaux before I decided to purchase it with my husband. Daniel helped us diagnosed the domain and gave us lots of precious insights before the acquisition. This reinforced my impression of his expertise. I recommend Daniel to you, if you want to explore the wine world in both knowledge and passion.

Mme Han