Wine Program Consulting

My passion for all things wine recently spawned the opportunity to translate the complexities of wine at the table into a voyage, taking into consideration factors from terroir to tasting notes and the hand of the vintner, creating a one of a kind client experience.

My collaboration with the French roots and global fusion approach of chef Indra Carrillo, of La Condesa Restaurant in Paris, was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. The result of our collaboration is a list strongly leaning toward - but not only - organic, natural and biodynamic wines, each chosen to accompany the ingredients and dishes created in the kitchen, the ensemble taking the client on a gastronomic voyage.

My work with Indra and La Condesa began in August 2018, and the new wine list was established soon thereafter. La Condesa obtained its first Michelin star in January 2019.

First Michelin Star
In 2018 I asked Daniel to accompany me in creating La Condesa’s wine program, both by-the-glass and bottles, as well as to create a bespoke wine experience to accompany my wine pairing menus. After a period of testing the menu, Daniel held several training sessions for myself and the team. We evaluated many recommended wines, working together to find those that we agreed were the best fits.  Daniel pushed us to go deeper than we had imagined, decomposing the dishes down to the individual flavors and how they matched the wines. The result was a unique wine list matching my cuisine, allowing us flexibility in our service but also precise pairings with the varied ingredients used in the kitchen. Daniel’s list spans many different countries, giving us a unique advantage amongst our competition, often heavily France-focused.  His intimate knowledge of the wines, their characteristics and the economics required to create a profitable and appealing wine program were of great help to the restaurant.

Indra Carrillo