Angevin Wines

By Daniel Henderson


Originally from the US and an American business training, having worked across several regions of Europe provides layers of cultural complexity and brings a global/local approach to my services. First-hand knowledge of many of France’s winemaking regions acquired over the last 20 years combined with a solid understanding of vineyard operations and methodologies allows me to blend the nature and art of winemaking with the science and acumen acquired during my years in business operations.


Vineyard Business Consulting

Vineyard search, Audit and Management

I provide scalable operations and sales solutions for my clients, ranging from investors to vineyard owners. I work alongside winemakers, oenologists and vineyard owners to help identify and develop market opportunities for their products. This may include developing a strategic plan, overseeing vineyard operations for a short- or long-term engagement, or helping bring a winery to the export market.

Vineyard Search and Management
A proper vineyard search entails identifying the right property in the right place at the right price. Understanding the search objectives, business plan and long-term budgetary requirements are keys to success, as are understanding the vineyard regions involved. I can intervene at any of stage of a search, or conduct a complete search including a property audit in any vineyard region of France. Staffing, short-term or long-term management can follow.


Teacher & Educator

I hold the highest level of WSET* certification and am a certified WSET Educator. Both a teacher and a student of the world’s vineyards, I bring real-world winemaking and wine marketing experience to the classroom. My vision is thus to provide transformative wine education; my goal is to remove the pretension and make the knowledge accessible to everyone.

Cultivated by my innate curiosity and passion for the subject, my approach to wine education is to provide more than simply what is in a textbook: my teaching is the fruit of my vineyard, winemaking and sales experiences, as well as my regular travels to the world’s vineyard regions. I enjoy bringing my real-world experience to life through the courses I teach, the trainings I conduct and the instructors I train.

*WSET: The Wine & Spirit Education Trust


Restaurateur & Chefs Consultant

A natural extension of my teaching activities, I put my experience with the world's wines to the service of a restaurant. Developing a restaurant’s wine list or simply helping a restauranteur to go “out of his comfort zone” while staying in the desired budget. This can be as simple as constructing a wine list, or as complex as curating a wine-food pairing adventure. To each menu I bring a nuanced approach built on years of tasting and knowledge gained from working at every level of winemaking.



In 2018 I asked Daniel to accompany me in creating La Condesa’s wine program, both by-the-glass and bottles, as well as to create a bespoke wine experience to accompany my wine pairing menus. After a period of testing the menu, Daniel held several training sessions for myself and the team. We evaluated many recommended wines, working together to find those that we agreed were the best fits.  Daniel pushed us to go deeper than we had imagined, decomposing the dishes down to the individual flavors and how they matched the wines. The result was a unique wine list matching my cuisine, allowing us flexibility in our service but also precise pairings with the varied ingredients used in the kitchen. Daniel’s list spans many different countries, giving us a unique advantage amongst our competition, often heavily France-focused.  His intimate knowledge of the wines, their characteristics and the economics required to create a profitable and appealing wine program were of great help to the restaurant.

Indra Carrillo

Daniel is not just a good teacher, he is a guide who leads you through the world of wine. There is no right or wrong in his classes when it comes to tasting wine. He listened to your opinion and tries to make you see different aspects of wine as well. As for the theoretical part, he explains it in a very approachable manner and makes you understand the reasons behind them. He is a very helpful and inspiring person in general. I really enjoyed WSET I and II classes with him and I am willing to do WSET III in the nearest future. (WSET II, July 2018 in Paris)

Barbara Kharkheli

I went to Daniel’s WSET level 2 class in 2015. During the training, he impressed me with his knowledge of wine tasting and his passion of terroir. He is very pedagogue and explained the techniques of fabricating fine wines very well. He owns and runs a vineyard in the region of Loire Valley. Due to the confidence in his expertise in terroir and winemaking, of course accumulated through the training program, I personally invited him to do a technique audit of a vineyard in Bordeaux before I decided to purchase it with my husband. Daniel helped us diagnosed the domain and gave us lots of precious insights before the acquisition. This reinforced my impression of his expertise. I recommend Daniel to you, if you want to explore the wine world in both knowledge and passion.

Mme Han

Daniel’s teaching classes were very important for me as they were my first educational steps in wine. I passed the WSET2 a few years ago and I was very lucky to have Daniel as a teacher. ​His professionalism and teaching methods inspired me to stay and to progress in the wine business. It would be a big pleasure to have other courses with him!

Theona F.